OPTON: forged goods production

About us

"OPTON" enterprise has been working for about 10 years in the field of designing and producing of blacksmith’s articles in Belarus and CIS, keeping leadership solidly. Why?

  • Natural strength of metal is emphasized in the articles of "OPTON". We propose compositions, which combine fundamental nature and refined simplicity.
  • Highly skilled designers and blacksmiths work at the enterprise to put into reality dreams and ideas of customers. They are able to emphasize plastic of metal and combine its cold natural strength with comfortable warmth of your house.
  • Quality of produced articles is guaranteed by the equipment and technologies of the world-wide known German company.
  • The rewards gained at different exhibitions and fairs prove high quality of our goods.
  • Our customers are successful companies and state organizations: The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus , the embassy of the Ukraine in Belarus , saloon "Gal’s", "Stary Mensk" Ltd., "Lukoil" Ltd. and many others.
forged goods: landscape architecture elements
If you have ever been to Minsk you will for sure recognize some forged articles in our catalogue, for example, forged details on the walls of Minsk cathedral.
forged goods : interior of the shop GAL'S
Interior of the shop "GAL'S" is designed in modernist style. The start point for designers' imagination became the works by the french architector Guimard, which had made a great impression on our client during her visit to Paris. Original forged gratings, which have been designed especially for the shop, correspond with the style of the interior.

In the section "Landscape architecture elements" you will see metal articles, which add unique beauty and exquisite refinement to buildings, streets, parks:

- barriers of stairs, balconies, terraces;
- gates, wicket gates, window bars;
- barbecue;
- summer-houses, benches, park lamps, etc.

In the section "Interior elements" samples of accommodation design are presented, which will decorate any interiors – from a modern office to a comfortable bedroom:

- fenders and fittings;
- lamps, chandeliers, candlesticks, candelabra;
- forged furniture.

The section "Fragments and nuances" will help you to make out the details of our articles.